About IHA

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Finally, healthcare on your terms.

If you’re a Medicare patient, you probably know one of the most significant challenges you face is access to care – especially when you’re discharged from the hospital, or plagued by chronic care issues.


Well, that’s where we come in. Integrated Healthcare Alliance (IHA) was created to give you extraordinary access to care that you’ve never had before.  All in the comfort of your own home and at no additional cost to you.


IHA provides integrated services that feature 24/7 access to your own dedicated healthcare team and our urgent care providers. That’s why we say IHA really is like having a doctor in the family – someone you trust to always have your best interests at heart.


Personal, proactive, immediate care designed to keep you out of the hospital or emergency room and at home where you’re most comfortable – all while providing for your utmost well-being. That’s IHA.

How it works

Once we get a call from you, a family member, your doctor, or skilled nursing facility, we’ll spring into action.


First, we’ll call to set up a first visit where we’ll review your history, health condition(s), and health goals so we can create a personalized healthcare plan.


We will then begin to actively manage your plan. If you have a chronic condition, you will see us on our regular monthly wellness visits to your home, more often if needed. For those with acute conditions, we can be at your side in minutes armed with the knowledge of your health history and medical records. Our transitional care patients, receive the care they need when discharged from the hospital or nursing facility. And all our patients have access to our services 24/7, 365 days a week.


Regardless of your condition, IHA is with you every step of the way to guide you to better healthcare.