Specialty Services

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Star Connect

Because we can’t be with you round the clock, we created a medical alert system that can help protect you in emergencies while helping you remain independent. The STAR CONNECT emergency button gives you and your family members peace of mind knowing that help is only the push of a button away.


Wear the fob around your neck and in case of a medical emergency, simply press the button. You’ll speak to a member of our Triage Team who knows your health issues and has access to your electronic records, and who will get you help in minutes.


In addition, STAR CONNECT includes:

  • GPS component lets us find you wherever you are. This is especially helpful if you get confused while you’re out and about.
  • Accelerometer senses sudden changes in position as in a fall and alerts us so we can get you emergency help.
  • Triage Team that knows your health history and has access to your records
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Safe Transition After Rehab

Our health partnership doesn’t end when the home visit is over or you’re discharged from the hospital. Our Chronic Care Management Program is designed to oversee your healthcare plan, bridging the communication gap between your various treating healthcare professionals.


Our experienced Chronic Care Management clinicians will devise an individualized electronic care plan that addresses all aspects of your medical profile. This approach allows for care coordination and medication management, so you will never fall through the healthcare system cracks. Available 24 hours a day, we can provide you, or any care provider, with the information needed to ensure the highest quality of continuous healthcare services.

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When you have an emergency, the last thing you want to worry about is filling out paperwork and bringing a stranger up to speed on your medical history. With our HEART program (Home-based Emergency Acute Response Team), you get 24/7 access to physicians, PAs, and RNs who have full knowledge of your health information as well as all medications you may be taking.


When needed, your personal HEART Team can coordinate acute care delivery at your home with labs, radiology services, telemetry or other required services.


If you need hospitalization or an emergency room visit, your team will coordinate the ambulance service, admission to the hospital, and forward your electronic medical records.

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Mobile Medicine

Part of our Chronic Care Management Program, IHA Mobile Medicine is an innovative and proactive approach to healthcare, featuring monthly visits from your mobile medicine provider.


With IHA Mobile Medicine, one of our physicians visits patients in-home, whether in a private home, skilled nursing facility, assisted or independent living center, or group home.


The mobile medicine program is one element of our broader continuity of care strategy which includes chronic care management and 24/7 access to IHA’s urgent care call center.